Legal Notices

Legal Notices (hereinafter referred to as "Legal Notices") contain important legal information about visiting and using the website (hereinafter called "the Site").

Please read the following very carefully before visiting the Site or using it in any way.

By accessing the Site, the pages it contains or the services offered, all visitors (hereinafter referred to as the "User") explicitly acknowledge that they have read and understood the terms and conditions in our Legal Notices and accept the content of the aforementioned document, agreeing to abide by and respect this content unconditionally. If the User does not agree with these conditions, they are asked to please not visit or use the Site.

1. Legal information

1.1. The Site is the property of the LLC Gaming1 (hereinafter "G1") and is hosted by this party:

  • Head office: Rue des Guillemins 129, 4000 Liège, Belgique.
  • VAT no.: BE0834705883
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: +32 4 228.32.00

1.2. G1 is a registered trademark. It is a collective name for all the companies and trademarks belonging to the G1 group - or with whom the group has established a partnership - within the framework of their activity as a technology supplier and operator in the casino, games of chance and sports betting industry, being established in both the physical and online casino industry and both in Belgium and abroad. The following are therefore part of the G1 group: 

BtoB Activities

1°) LLC Gaming1

  • Head office: Rue des Guillemins 129, 4000 Liège, Belgique.
  • VAT no.: BE0834705883
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: +32 4 228.32.00

The limited liability company, Gaming1, is an active technology supplier company in the online and land-based game of chance and casino industry. It holds a type E licence which it was granted by the Belgian Gaming Commission (no. 121924; see

2°) Ice Elite Ltd

  • Head office: The Crickets, St. Augustine Street, Swieqi, SWQ 3312, Malta
  • Business registration number: C69165
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: +35621808800

Ice Elite Ltd is the holder of an MGA/B2B/306/2015 licence which was granted to them by the Maltese Gaming Authority (see

3°) Gaming One Ltd 

  • Head office: The Crickets, St. Augustine Street, Swieqi, SWQ 3312, Malta
  • Business registration number: C66788
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: +35621808800


5°) Circus Services PLC

  • Head office: Route du Condroz, 13 - 4100 Boncelles, Belgique
  • Business registration number: E 18926

BtoC Activities

 1°) Gambling Management SA

 2°) Circus Belgium SA

 3°) Précarat Sport

 4°) Optoria

 5°) Circus Casino France SAS (simplified joint stock company) and the trademarks held by these subsidiaries

2. Liability of G1

2.1. Users are fully liable for access and use of the Site and the information made available to them by G1.

2.2. The quality of the content we put online on the Site is very important to G1. G1 does everything it can to provide correct and up to date information and to correct any errors that may arise as quickly as possible, as soon as these errors are brought to our attention.

G1 does not guarantee that the Site is always accessible and completely accurate 100% of the time and in all circumstances. Therefore G1 cannot be held liable for any damage or inconvenience the User may experience from any erroneous, imprecise or missing information or from any unclear information provided by G1 on their Site or from any information provided by third parties about the said services, for example on a third party website that refers to it.

2.3. Likewise, G1 are in no way liable for hyperlinks which may eventually end up being published by G1 on the Site, as well as adverts promoting third parties or products or services offered by third parties. G1 does not guarantee the quality of information provided through the hyperlinks on the Site.

G1 is also not liable for ensuring the websites to which the hyperlinks send Users respect the legislation and regulations in force. The owners of these websites are the only ones liable for their content.

The User should therefore access these sites at their own risk and attests that they are aware that these sites may be subject to different terms and conditions of use or other provisions with regard to games of chance or privacy protection and generally other regulations besides those applicable to the G1 Site.

The User also accepts that they are liable in the event that they download and use information which may eventually be put online on the Site. They are the only person liable for any potential damage caused to their computer, or any other device used to access the content put online by G1, and for the potential loss of any data as a result of downloading or using this information.

2.4. Unless in the event of gross negligence or willful misconduct, G1 is not liable for any direct or indirect damage, including loss of profits, image, estimated savings, customers or data caused to the User or a third party by the Site, including but not limited to damage from i) not being able to access the Site for whatever reason, ii) unauthorised access to the Site by a third party and any potential consequences that may result from this, iii) a force majeure, iv) the content, particularly in the event that the Site contains a piece of data, a file, a component or more generally any kind of element, of whatever nature, such as a virus, despite the protective measures taken for in the event such an incident occurs.

3. User liability

3.1. The User undertakes to:

  • use the Site in accordance with the law, the Legal Notices and the Privacy Policy; they also undertake to use the online services in a prudent and responsible fashion;
  • not take any action, of any nature whatsoever, such as the communication, publication on line or distribution of data and/or content, which would be against the law or would undermine public order or the rights of G1 or third parties;
  • communicate, when using the Site, information that is true and accurate; they also undertake to communicate information whereby the content has been updated;
  • to not modify or try to modify Site content or services offered by G1 without G1's prior consent and to notably not introduce data, whatever form this may take, on the Site or any other medium used by G1 to offer technology and the services outlined on the Site, such as other websites, applications, logos, photos or other data, nor to create hyperlinks or links to other websites or apps without G1's express prior and written consent;
  • refrain from any act which may directly or indirectly cause the Site to malfunction or be unavailable (either temporarily or permanently);
  • refrain from reproducing or communicating all or part of the Site's content on any medium without G1's consent.

3.2. The User will assume all liability for ensuring the IT equipment is suitably protected and will take the necessary measures to ensure it is secure and that the data it contains is protected.

3.3. Likewise, the Site and all the content it provides access to, whether directly or indirectly, including text, designs, images, databases, programmes, logos, etc. are only provided for Users' use, that is to say the Users who have accepted the content of the Legal Notices, excluding all other third parties. Users agree to refrain from giving third parties access to the Site without G1's prior written agreement and without these third parties having agreed to the Legal Notices.

3.4. In the event that a User does not respect the law, Legal Notices or Privacy Policy, G1 is authorised to suspend or block the User's access to the Site without prior warning, not withstanding appeal.

3.5. The User is liable for any damage they may cause to G1, other users or third parties in using the Site. Except in the event of gross negligence or willful misconduct, G1 is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage of any nature (including loss of data, the costs of procuring a replacement service or loss of opportunity) caused to the User or third parties by another User after using the Site or for the Site being unavailable, whatever the reason for this.

The User therefore undertakes to reimburse G1 and/or the third parties who may experience damage as a result of using the Site in a way that is not in accordance with the law or G1's Legal Notices or Privacy Policy.

4. Intellectual property rights

4.1. The User recognises that G1 is and remains the owner of their intellectual property rights, whatever their nature, such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, computer programme copyrights and designs relating to the Site, as well as its content and the technology and services provided by G1 on the Site, particularly all the elements which make up this Site, including but not limited to the source code, which comprises online games promoted on the Site, the designs, logos, texts, images, audio or audiovisual creations and generally all creations on the Site, which it provides access to or uses.

Therefore access or use of the Site does not imply any transfer or concession of any intellectual property rights to the User, except with G1's prior and express agreement.

4.2. The User undertakes to not directly or indirectly initiate any kind of process to to call into question the validity of G1's intellectual property rights or to interfere with the enjoyment thereof by G1, its partners or customers. Any reproduction, communication, extraction and/or reuse of all or part of the Site or its content, including the source code, in any form or medium whatsoever, is strictly prohibited without the prior written authorisation of G1; the same applies to all or part of any adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation or marketing content on the Site or within the elements that make it up, by any process and on any medium whatsoever, including this Legal Notice or the G1 Privacy Policy.

4.3. The User is only authorised to access the Site and its content in accordance with the Legal Notices and the limits outlined therein.

5. Modification of the site and Legal Notices

5.1. G1 reserves the right to modify or remove all or part of the content of the Site at any time and without any prior notice.

G1 will inform the User of any modifications made on the Site, outlining the date of the last modification and the last version available.

5.2. These Legal Notices may also be updated, as is the case with the G1 Privacy Policy.

Their content, as it is available upon accessing the Site, is applicable for the period in which the User uses the Site.

G1 will inform the User of any modifications made on the Site, outlining the date of the last modification and the last version available.

6. Personal data protection

User data protection is very important to G1. To find out more, check out our Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy is an integral part of our Legal Notices.

7. Other

The invalidity of one or several provisions outlined in the Legal Notices does not affect the validity, applicability and binding nature of the other provisions. If one or several provisions are deemed or declared to be invalid based on a law, regulation or administrative or judicial decision, the other provisions shall remain in effect. The invalid provision will then be replaced by a new provision that reproduces the initial objectives of the invalid provision as much as possible.

These Legal Notices are subject to Belgian law. In the event of disputes relating to the formation, interpretation and execution of the provisions contained in the Legal Notices, only the Liège division of the Tribunal de l'Entreprise de Liège shall be competent.

8. Contact

G1's customer service team is there to help answer any questions: