Responsible gaming training to raise awareness among our employees

Created in partnership with the Gaming Clinic at the Brugmann University Hospital (CHU Brugmann), this first training module confirms Gaming1's commitment to a responsible approach to gaming

Responsible gaming, a central pillar of our model

For Gaming1, ethics and responsible gaming have always been an integral part of their mission: to offer the best responsible gaming experience, geared to regulated online markets, while leveraging our technology and a local land-based or affiliate network.

 In a hyperconnected world where illegal, and therefore non-regulated, sites are accessible to everyone in a few clicks, it is our responsability to fight against addiction and offer players games that are fun, but also responsible and managed.

 With this in mind, Gaming1 made it a point of honour to create and put in place prevention and protection tools for players, as well as to train each employee and make them aware of this issue.

Gaming1 also wants to demonstrate that the use of artificial intelligence, supported by in-depth analysis of data, will allow the detection and treatment of problematic behaviour to be individualised.

The importance of training our employees

While responsible gaming is a concern for all at Gaming1, the newly created Responsible gaming department will coordinate all initiatives related to it. Regarding this, a partnership was developed with the Gaming Clinic at the Brugmann University Hospital. The objective is to contribute to the behavioural research of players and create training modules based on the needs of each job. All our employees have taken part in the first training module, which was presented as an interactive e-learning. Our CEO Emmanuel Mewissen commented on this first session:

"The legal sector only makes sense if it effectively protects the players. It is our responsibility as legal actors in the world of games of chance to also fight against addiction. Today we want to be able to open your eyes and explain the dangers linked to excessive gaming. I would like everyone in our company to be aware of this issue and to work together to create a strong legal sector. You, the land-based actors, who are our ambassadors and physical contact with our players. You, the digital actors, who are dealing with the masses today. It is our job to help the people who have a problem to get through it. We must be able to identify problematic gaming behaviours in order to work together to send the right message, or even prohibit the players who have a real problem with gaming ourselves."

A complete and interactive first module

This first training module, which will from now be given to all new employees as part of their onboarding, covers the issue of responsible gaming as a whole. An informative, but also interactive, training where each employee is involved with a series of questions asked throughout the module. Lasting about an hour, each participant is guided through several themes: governance, prevention and protection tools, as well as awareness for employees and players.

Regarding governance, our employees were reminded of the importance of the Belgian Gaming Commission, different licences and the BAGO association, which is made up of the 5 most important companies in the private gaming sector. They have also been trained on risk indicators and detection tools to be able to more easily and quickly identify vulnerable players. The moderation and self-regulation tools, such as spending control, assessment tests and exclusion, are also a central part of the training. The psychological consequences of gaming addiction are also addressed, notably through a poignant testimony by a former compulsive player.

This complete and instructive first module will soon be followed by training that is more focused on each employee's area of expertise. New evidence of Gaming1's strong commitment to responsible gaming!