Top-class casino product

  • The Gaming1 platform offers a top-class casino product designed for the players. All modern features in the industry are available, including a fully customizable look and feel, CMS, bonus management, loyalty scheme, live notifications system, slots tournaments, extensive back office, full player tracking, risk scoring module… as well as more than 25 first-class game providers offering more than 1,200 games.
  • On top of this, we offer innovative omnichannel functionalities that reinforce interactions between your online and offline activities, such as instant deposit/withdrawal in land-based establishments, a mix of online and offline activity data as part of the CRM program and a seamless online/offline loyalty scheme.
  • What is more, our platform is structured in a very open manner, allowing easy and efficient integration of the best products and services on the market. At present, the following services are integrated (non-exhaustive list): CRM (Optimove), affiliation (NetRefer, Income Access), antifraud (iOvation), payment methods (Safecharge, Visa, Paypal, Paysafecard, Skrill, Neteller, HiPay…)
  • Finally, as we focus entirely on regulated markets, our platform is fully adaptable to the various regulatory environments, both on technological and operational levels. Our team has an excellent knowledge and understanding of the compliance requirements, which is invaluable when entering a new market.

Exclusive Betting Solution

  • We have developed our own betting product solution adopting the best business practices. Choosing Gaming1's solution means going for a product cleverly designed to meet players’ expectations. All modern features of the market are available. The product is flexible, agile and open enough to easily add new improvements or any innovating features wanted by our partners. The product is of course available in both desktop and mobile versions.
  • The sports book is built by a strong multi-provider trading system that allows the best odds created by the best data sources. This system also guarantees the biggest sport coverage possible, consolidated by a wide range of betting options in prematch as well as live mode. Furthermore, it contains a powerful and complete “cash-out system” really appreciated by players and offering operators an attractive extra margin. Finally, our promotion tools makes it possible to give players a complete panel of offers.
  • Our back office is exceptionally user-friendly and allows an easy configuration of the sports book. It also offers the very strongest risk management tool: an intelligent system that provides alerts in real time, both for financial risks and dangerous player behavior. This 24/7 live monitoring engine guarantees the operator the biggest profit possible. Finally, with Gaming1 you have a team of betting business specialists at your service to accompany you in building your business.

Effective responsible gaming tools

  • To help regulate players' activity and to protect them from the risks of becoming addicted to gaming, Gaming1 offers effective and targeted responsible gaming tools, including prevention tools, awareness campaigns, moderation tools and continuously monitoring their activity. This responsible gaming policy, which is included in the global Know Your Customer framework, not only facilitates us detecting any problematic gaming behaviour but it also allows us to fight against fraud and to offer a secure gaming space.
  • Thanks to our problematic gaming behaviour detection software, the AIDICT system (Artificial Intelligence for Detection & Information to Consumers with Trouble), we can adopt a proactive approach and quickly take action against addiction. This system, which was developed by our teams, allows us to identify the early signs of gaming addiction through risk indicators, such as an increased time spent gaming or even an increase in the amount of money deposited.
  • We have also developed several moderation tools so players can monitor their activity. Thanks to evaluation tests, players can learn about their relationship with gaming and take the appropriate measures. They can also set their own personal limits to control their spending or even the amount of time they spend gaming. Furthermore, we have implemented a break system which allows players to self-exclude for a set period.
  • We also offer responsible gaming awareness initiatives for players and staff members. Training is organised to raise awareness amongst company stakeholders by using learning tools or even workshops. And of course we don't forget about the players. We do everything in our power to inform them about the risks of gaming, including information pages, useful links to help centres, gaming exclusion procedures and personalised emails for players at risk.

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