To implement our vision and our mission, both for our clients and our employees, we rely on 5 values, which form the basis of our corporate culture.

Team spirit

Team spirit

Because a synergy of energies will allow us to go further faster. A big victory together is better than a little victory alone!


Because everyone at Gaming1 can take initiative. Showing a desire to anticipate, make suggestions, take risks to defend our ideas, by being proactive and optimistic on a daily basis.


With our sights set on performance, we strive for excellence. How? Through optimal organization to ensure we deliver our customers an exceptional gaming experience and that our colleagues benefit from outstanding services.


Beyond all the fun activities provided by Gaming1, we actually take great pleasure in coming to work as we are passionate about our jobs, appreciate our colleagues and enjoy spending time with them.


We are growing fast, and making mistakes is part and parcel of continued growth. But we need to recognize our errors in order to ensure that our conduct towards our colleagues, partners and customers is respectful and beyond reproach. We highlight our integrity, work ethic and empathy during professional exchanges.

Our story

Gaming1, as it stands today, is the product of an encounter between several entrepreneurs in the region of Liège and the amalgamation of their stories, activities and expertise. Discover how they created a company that is leader on the Belgian gaming market and present in 9 countries.

Our brands

In more than 29 years’ experience, we have built a portfolio of strong brands. They all aspire to becoming references in their respective markets, whether online gaming, land-band casinos or entertainment.

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